Soul is GOD



In the millions of years of the Human history, the endless research about the GOD ,we concluded that our UYIR (Soul) which designed and developed our body is the real GOD. In Tamil language, the word UYIR means SOUL. The single cell form of our UYIR only developed our body from the single cell form. The UYIR only made our body and ruling us. Our UYIR only creates and ruling all, and transforms one form to another form by law of nature. The UYIR is in the form of male and female.

The female UYIR takes male body and male form of UYIR takes female body at the time of conception. Hence, the male are strong in physic and week in mind, and women are strong in mind and week in physic. The Uyir only creates all living things, and occupies every where is the GOD. The creations can’t become the GOD. Our UYIR can neither be created or be destroyed.

You can’t imagine the GOD. It is not having any definite boundaries, our UYIR does not have any boundaries. Our UYIR is only one, our GOD is only one. We people have different imagination and opinion on GOD. However, our GOD is only one, which is our UYIR. It is merged form of male and female.Our UYIR occupies the entire universe in five versions such as “SOIL, WATER, FIRE, SKY and AIR”, In The form of Atoms and molecules.

Our Suththa sammatha Thiruchabai” incorporated on 13.04.2008, to relate the entire human community by our uyir besides, our color, language, nation, religion, etc. We all of us are ruled by the only one (UYIR) GOD. Our Sammatham is the scriptures on our UYIR, Sammatham our text explains the study about Art of (UYIRUYIRKALAI) and UYIR meditation (UYIR DHYANAM). By meditating on our UYIR, we directly merging with our GOD. By merging us with the GOD, we can overcome, our diseases, problems in life, aging process, and death. We become as what we think as. By concentrating on our UYIR physical body changes into “UYIR BODY” which is light body through UYIRKALAI and UYIR MEDITATION. Our only chanting is “UYIRE KADAVUL”.In Tamil language, which means, our “SOUL IS THE GOD”.




SAMMATHAM” is a tamil word. In tamil language, ‘SAMMATHAM’ means acceptance. Sammatham is a text, of scriptures on UYIR. In the past millions years of Human history, there was no direct sentence like “UYIRE KADAVUL” (our soul is the god). Because till now our UYIR did not permitted to disclose about it, transparently. Now only the GOD has accepted to state about the reality of the GOD. Hence, our great text has been named by the GOD as “SAMMATHAM” (acceptance).

Our SAMMATHAM will open the third eye of the human community. Through the third eye only we can realize the UYIR. AMMATHAM’s prime aim is to educate about the deathless life, by learning “UYIRKALAI” i.e. Art of UYIR. SAMMATHAM was created letter by letter under the direction of the GOD. SAMMATHAM is the definition of the GOD. SAMMATHAM is concentrating on union of human community by a common thing which is our UYIR, ie our only GOD. Now the entire human community was divided into various sectors such as religions, color, nation and language, etc., any way we all of us are having similar structures, food system, health, living systems, culture, etc. But we all of us are ruled by our and only one GOD which is our UYIR. At no one corner concept on our UYIR can be refused since nothing is living with out UYIR. UYIR is only ruling all languages.

SAMMATHAM is the philosophy of the UYIR.

Those who are willing to learn SAMMATHAM through GURU, they can overcome disease and death. SAMMATHAM is teaching about “SAGHAKALAI” i.e. Art of learning about deathless life. SAMMATHAM is union of two words “SATHYAM and DHARMAM”. In tamil language “SATHYAM” means “TRUTH / FAITH” and “DHARMAM” means “LIVING FOR TRUTH / OTHERS and giving everything to others without any expectation”.

By realizing our only GOD living in all of us we can bring the entire world with LOVE and affection. There after there will be no WAR, BOUNDARIES, POVERTY, DISEASE and DEATHS. With our real UYIR GOD, by learning our SAMMATHAM the world will definitely get a truthful life bond with Love, filled with joy, which is poverty less, disease less, and deathless.

By learning SAMMATHAM say goodbye to DISEASE and DEATH.

Suththa Sammatha Thiruchabai

Our SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI is incorporated as a non religious voluntary organization on 13.4.2008. SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI is the assembly place to create knowledge about our UYIR GOD. SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI is the third eye. This is the first temple created to our real UYIR GOD. The SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI means pure divine assembly of GOD. The name SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI was decided by UYIR GOD. SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI is creating awareness about UYIR GOD, Teaching about the Art of UYIR and teaching about UYIR MEDITATION, which are all first to the world.

From this SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI is aiming to give a life to the human community full of love and affection and an endless life, without disease and death by teaching “SAGAKALAI” i.e. Art of life without death. SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI is teaching SOUL MEDITATION / UYIR MEDITATION by concentrating on our UYIR / GOD. We can live a happy life without disease and death. Our body only liable to time factor. Our body only transferred to various states. But right from our origin our UYIR remains the same.

Our UYIR would not affected by disease, pains, aging process and death. All our diseases and other problems are entering into our life when our UYIR neglects our body, our UYIR neglect our body because we never thought about our UYIR which is the GOD. This only the seed for all of our problems in life. The motive of all human’s life is to reach our permanent house, which is the GOD’s house. From the GOD’s / UYIR’s own house only we came to this life. The life on earth is an illusion, this life is not a permanent.

The life on earth is not a joy full. Our future life at sathyaloga, shall be our aim. The SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI is teaching the way to reach the Sathyaloga with transparent body ie “UYIR BODY”. Our UYIR BODY is disease less, deathless, endless, which can go to any where in the universe. Establishing of SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI all over the world to save our human community from fear of war, death, disease, poverty, terrorism and natural calamities. Once you realize and learnt to merge with your real UYIR GOD, the nature will be very friendly with you. Because, nature is the UYIR GOD. If you merge with the GOD / NATURE, the GOD / NATURE would not act against you.



“AUM”?  “OHM”?

In ancient tamil language, AUM OHM chant meant for the origin of the Universe. “OHM” is the source of all, HOW?. In “AUM” chant, “A” meant for Agaaram "Arivu" i.e. intellectual. “U” meant for Ugaaram “UYIR”, “M” meant for Magaaram Manam Mind. From the “AUM” it is obvious that, our Arivu, Uyir and Mind are integrated thing. In all of our births, our UYIR with our Mind and Arivu (intellectual) remains

unchanged. Based on the memories of mind only our UYIR builds our body during conception. In this system, our UYIR is the ruler, mind, body and intellect are dependent of our UYIR. UYIR only the creator of the Universe. UYIR is union of molecules and atoms. “UYIR” is an atom, in which the Nucleus is the UYIR, which is neutral.

The positively charged Proton (+) is our Arivu - intellect, the negatively charged Electron (-) is our Mind. In our modern science, all materials and living things are integrated by atoms and molecules. No one can refuse our real UYIR GOD. At the time of our origin, our single UYIR cell entering with five sensing organs. Hence in ancient Hindu religions, our UYIR GOD was shown as five headed snake. Also our single sperm cell traveling in to our mother by swimming as a snake which is Uyir body. After entering it starts building our World body.

The only one UYIR is taking crores of body in the world then all bodies, are also destroyed by the same UYIR by various causes such as diseases, calamities, etc. If you starts believe and bound with your real GOD, definitely you can overcome your death and can reach our real world, which is GOD’s House. We must learn about our body, mind, arivu (intellects) and uyir, our UYIR is the source for all. UYIR is the creator of all. UYIR is the all form of cosmic energy, without our UYIR, nothing will move in the world. Hence our UYIR is the GOD.



(Art of SOUL / UYIR)

The source of our body in a single sperm cell, which only created our body, which is our UYIR GOD. Our UYIR /SPERM cell only knows all secrets of our body cell by cell. So that cells only bound with each other to give a shape to us, which is the manufacturer of our body. Once we start believes on our UYIR, our UYIR will starts look after our body and starts removing all disease from our body. Our UYIRKALAI

teaches about the Art how to use our creator / UYIR as a sword to protect us from enemies diseases and death.

Because our UYIR GOD never dies, which is deathless. Protection of sperm cell in our body is an art, production of new sperm cells as another art. Removal of dead cells from our body, our body will become disease less body. After becoming disease less body we can learn the other step of UYIRKALAI, which is taking our body to aging less and deathless state. Which is a important stage. In this stage, we can identify our different bodies, which an UYIR BODY and world body. Both are different. By identifying and concentrating on our uyir body slowly our whole body turns to deathless stage.

Which is only possible by Uyirkalai and our meditation process. Don’t think that the body is you! Our uyir only builds and operate you from inside. The creations can never become the GOD. The creator is the real GOD, which is inside you! The body was made by our UYIR GOD, hence dedicate your body to the manufacturer, which is the easiest way to live, your life with peace and joy, i.e. without disease, other problems and deathless life. Believe your inner thing, We cant see our GOD after our death. Hence learn to live with GOD which is inside you. By learning of UYIRKALAI, directly you can live with your GOD. The GOD is always with you!. Our UYIRKALAI is aiming to teach about our UYIR, joining with our UYIR, living with our UYIR and finally you will become the UYIR, which is the deathless state. UYIR is the real GOD. Nothing is possible in the world without UYIR.


Uyir Dhyanam


UYIRKALAI is the simplest and easiest way to understand about our UYIR BODY and WORLD BODY. By understanding the basic concept and secrets on our SOUL BODY and WORLD BODY we can concentrate at our SOUL / UYIR BODY. By meditation on our UYIR BODY, strongly we will become as UYIR. We are living in mind. Which is illusion,Our Arivu and uyir are the real. During Uyir Dhyanam ie, at mindless state our arivu merge with uyir and take us to the Uyir/God stage.

We will become as what we think. The GOD / our UYIR lies in two poles in our body. In one pole our UYIR is in the form of female, and in other pole our UYIR is in the form of sense of male. By understanding the systematic way of SOUL MEDITATION, by concentrating on our UYIR, the female form of UYIR and male form of sense will be united and takes you to an eternal state. Which is the GOD’s stage. By understanding our real GOD, and concentrating on our GOD slowly we will reach the GOD.

Which is very easy, to be with GOD. Our mind only hiding you from Godliness. By concentrating on our UYIR, mind will become still state. As the mind is dependent of our UYIR. Don’t live with mind learn to live with UYIR /GOD. Our subject is very small just to understand the UYIR to become GOD. In our whole body there are three bodies,

1.Physical world body which is subject to all world, issues, such as disease, fear, fate, hungry, anything and other things, this body is liable to death.

2.True body is free of disease, fate, hungry ad other world issues.

3.Light body, which is transparent body, deathless body, permanent body, it can travel to anywhere in the universe, Which goes, in light way to reach the eternity.

By learning UYIR DHYANAM we can slowly transform our body from state to state finally to the eternal state. Our SUTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI formed a systematic way of SOUL MEDITATION, to get direct connection with the GOD. Our SOUL MEDITATION is a new concept to the world. In any meditation With our SANKALPA understanding and direct contact with our UYIR. We can reach the pure eternal state which is called “MUKTHI”. Aim and prime goal of each and every human is to reach the eternity. If you are not reach the eternal state in this birth. Again you have to take another birth to reach the GOD. Hence this is the right time to learn and to reach the GOD by UYIRDHYANAM.

Con clusion


Our SUTHTHA SAMMATHA THIRUCHABAI is dedicated to the world human community to learn about our real GOD and take the entire world human community to our real GOD’s eternal home. “SAMMATHAM” our scripture on our UYIR also dedicated to our human community to learn about our UYIR. Our single line VEDHA chanting is “UYIRE KADAVUL” i.e. our SOUL is the GOD.

Realize your real UYIR GOD lives inside you. Learn UYIRKALAI, and UYIRDHYANAM to reach the eternal state. By directly merging yourself with your UYIR. you will take your body to the disease less and deathless state. This art is called SAGAKALAI, i.e. Art of deathlessness. Let us join together besides our differences such as language, religion, caste, nation, colour, etc. under a common thing, which is our one and only UYIR. Let us found a new world under the ruling of our real UYIR GOD. Our world will be filled with love disease less,warless, deathless, fearless and poverty less.

All of us are created by one and only our UYIR GOD. But we are differentiated by our mind. However, on meditating on our UYIR, our mind will come to cyber state, then we can reach a calm and peace full life. All are true, don’t waste your time in search of useless materials. Which can’t save our life, multimillionaires also dies one day but his earnings are taken away by others. Hence learn to earn blessings of our real UYIR GOD, which can only save you. UYIR is only one which is nature, which only creates all things in the world.

Learn to live with GOD, which lives inside you!

Learn to become GOD. Contact us to learn about GOD,

Living with GOD and to become GOD.