தன்னை கவனிக்க தனக்கொரு கேடில்லை,

 "தன் என்பது தன் உயிரை".

கவனிக்கும் பொருள் கெடாது,
கவனிக்காத பொருள் வளராது,
கவனம் எங்குண்டோ உயிர் அங்குண்டு,
கவனம் மட்டும் தான் உயிர்.

All of us are created by one and only our UYIR GOD. But we are differentiated by our mind. However, on meditating on our UYIR, our mind will come to cyber state, then we can reach a calm and peace full life. All are true, don’t waste your time in search of useless materials. Which can’t save our life, multimillionaires also dies one day but his earnings are taken away by others. Hence learn to earn blessings of our real UYIR GOD, which can only save you. UYIR is only one which is nature, which only creates all things in the world.Learn to live with GOD, which lives inside you! Learn to become GOD. Contact us to learn about GOD, living with GOD and to become GOD.